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How to Switch Internet Providers

There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider switching your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  You may be looking for Faster Internet Connection, better customer service, a more reliable company, lower monthly rates or you’re moving to another place.  However, with all the termination and cancellation fees, installation fees, terms, and conditions switching Internet Service Providers can be daunting and stressful.  

Here are the 6 steps to help you switch your ISP more easily.

1. Identify the particular reason why you need to change your Internet Service Provider (ISP). 

First and foremost, you need to determine the particular reason why you want to switch your ISP to avoid going through the hassles and challenges of switching, only to end up in the same situation or even worse. While you may have more than one reason to switch, identifying what matters most to you will help you choose the best Internet Service Provider to satisfy your needs. For instance, if you are looking for lower monthly rates, research in advance to find providers that allow bundling for internet, phone and TV subscriptions. Bundling all these services together in one account will give you access to one convenient and lower bill every month. 

2. Review your contract with your existing Internet Provider

When you enter into a service contract with your internet providers, most of the time they will offer you a lower rate in exchange for a long-term contract. Thus, if you have an agreement with your current ISP, it is very crucial to review the terms and conditions to determine if it includes early cancellation or Wireless Internet Service Plans and how high those charges might be.  If you’ve signed a service agreement with your provider that includes ETF, make sure to consider these fees before canceling, particularly if saving money is your chief reason for switching—it makes sense to terminate your service when the contract expires.

3. Shop around for your next Internet Provider.

You may have access to various providers so take that opportunity to shop around and find all the different providers accessible in your area. Consider the following when shopping around for another ISP.

  • Read and review customer feedback to know the satisfaction rating of the customers with different aspects of their services.
  • Look for a bundle or package that check all the boxes.
  • Understand and learn about the monthly charges and cancellation fees to ensure you don’t get surprised with any unexpected charges when you receive your first bill. 
  • Determine if your existing device will work with the Best Internet Service Provider.  For instance, if you have your own router, looking for a service provider that is compatible with it may save you monthly fees or the cost of purchasing the apparatus outright.
  • Find out if there are any available incentives or perks for switching. 

Shopping around will provide you a better idea of which internet provider best suits your needs and whether or not it’s worth the switch.

4. Call your existing Internet Service Provider.

If you have already done your homework and you know exactly your reason for switching and the specific bundle you need, then it’s time to speak to your current provider. Tell them you are planning to cancel your service and the reason why. You never know, sometimes your intention to cancel ends up with a new and better offer from your present provider.  Make a comparison chart with your current provider and other ISPs, and this should help you decide more easily.

5.  Call your new provider to order service installation. 

By this time, you have decided and are ready to make the switch.  Call your new ISP to order services and make sure to schedule your installation and mark down the date.

6. Call your previous provider and order cancellation of service.

Wait until your new service is installed, activated and working properly before you call and order termination of your previous internet service; otherwise, you might end up without internet for an undetermined amount of time. Return any equipment or apparatus’ that belong to your previous ISP once the service cancellation is verified. Some companies allow you to return equipment via mail or courier, but it could be safer to head into their physical store to drop things off and to have proper documentation that they received your equipment. 

It is extremely important to find and choose Internet Service Providers that you can really trust and rely on, and these tips will help you avoid regrets when switching Internet Providers.