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Reasons for Bundling

Reasons for Bundling

We are living in a digital era where almost every household has subscriptions for TV, mobile phone and internet services respectively. And today, bundling is a popular way to allow a specific company to provide and manage a complete package of these services in your home.

Here are 4 significant reasons for bundling services.

1.  Bundling Can Save You, Big Bucks!

You’ll pay less when you bundle Internet, phone and TV subscriptions together than when you purchase them separately. Combine all these services together in one account and you’ll be dealing with one convenient and lower bill each month. 

2. Bundling Can Earn You Extra Incentives.

A bundle offers you a great deal and additional incentives when you subscribe to your TV, phone and internet plans in one complete package.  For instance, if you take advantage of the bundle services, providers may provide you an extra 100 GB per month on your home internet, unlimited long distance calls on your landline phone, a free rental for cable box, membership rewards to earn points to cash in merchandise, or many more. Not a guarantee, but definitely something to ask about!

3. Bundling Can Be Customized.

Bundling doesn’t mean you need to pay for a service you are not using. For instance, a landline phone is a common item for bundling; however, most of us no longer need traditional home phone service.  Some providers offer cell phone or mobile phone in lieu of traditional landlines. Look for providers who can bundle TV, internet and mobile phone service and pay only for the data you want. Also, some providers can mix and match the internet speeds and the channel packages for your cable or satellite TV. 

4. Bundling Can Save You Time.

Bundling of TV, internet and telephone services saves you time and reduces the risk of late payments or a missed payment because you’re dealing with just one convenient bill each month. Also, bundling saves you time and effort when you need to update or report an issue with your services, where you only have to call one customer care number.

Bundles are the best package deals for customers who need TV, internet and telephone services, but it is extremely important that we do some research to see what some providers offer to ensure that we get everything we need and want for the best price.